Security Force II Unlocked

March 15, 2014 Leave your thoughts

If you haven’t check out the MERCS Recon Kickstarter…you should!


In a day and a half we’ve busted through the 185k stretch goals. This goal unlocks 4 different SECFOR II minis. It also makes room for two more stretch goals: Workers and the first of the Myth crossovers–an Agent.


The GCC Agent is a GCC member. He is extremely nasty in how he interacts with the MERCS in Recon. He stays in LOS but pretty far away. He doesn’t attack the MERCS directly, if he can help it. His line-of-sight becomes the MERCS line-of-sight (LoS is shared through the GCC Agent). Suddenly agent blips are becoming miniatures all over the place and the security level increases by leaps and bounds.

In Myth, he is an Agent class Darkness monster named Inquisitor Alger. He pesters the Heroes from a distance, with an attack called Confessor’s Call that doesn’t damage but increases the Hero he hits Threat.

If defeated, he grants the Heroes an Agent ability card named Master Tactician. It can only be played in the 1st action space, but if it is played then the card in the 2nd action space costs 0AP.

This post was written by Brian Shotton