Q3 2016 Patch

September 22, 2016 Leave your thoughts

It is the end of another quarter and we have some pretty exciting downloads available for everyone. This download includes two new MERCS factions for the MERCS: Conflict dice game! These factions are the ISS and KemVar.

In addition, every monster we released in the first Myth Kickstarter is being released as a downloadable PDF for those of you who would like to play with 2.0 monster cards while waiting for the Myth Journeyman products to arrive.

Finally, we have also provided the Avatar of Stone card for those Myth Backers who want to use it. This error on that card is being addressed and we hope to do a reprint of it soon.

For MERCS: Recon we plan on releasing every player board from every faction soon. We will keep you updated.

We hope you enjoy this content and look forward to providing you with more in the future. Click the link below to download this quarter’s patch!!!!

Q3 Patch



This post was written by Kenny Sims