Happy Holidays from MegaCon Games!

December 20, 2016 Leave your thoughts

It is the end of another great year and everyone at MegaCon Games wishes all of our fans only the best. For this quarter’s patch we are releasing The Stone of Life free module for Myth, Go Dive rules for Dumpster Diver, and solo rules for Emergence Event. Download the fourth quarter patch in the link below to gain access to the new content.

Quarter 4 Patch

Myth: The Stone of Life

Everyone who has Myth 1.0 will recognize this as one of our first forays into Story Quests. This module is meant to be very low in difficulty and will come with a teaching portion of the module. Look for the “Teaching Module” addition to this module in a few weeks since we still need to put finishing touches on it.

Dumpster Diver: Go Dive

This is a rules addition to the game making it much easier for younger children to play the game with their family.

Emergence Event: Solo Rules

This rules addition offers many changes to the rules of the game, focusing instead on survival and completing a Discovery story arc before time runs out. Each captain will need to approach locations in different ways to gain the resources they need to succeed in open space.

Finally we have one final awesome announcement to make at the end of this year. Myth: Dark Frontier has an official Kickstarter release date of January 5th 2017. We hope you enjoy this trailer for the game and we look forward to seeing you during the Kickstarter as we expand the lore and functionality of all existing Myth content while creating more!

Myth: Dark Frontier

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

This post was written by Kenny Sims