Emergence Event is an exciting new competitive space exploration game for 2-4 players. Each player controls a captain who commands their species’ capital ship. With a unique deck of captain cards, individual strengths, and special abilities, each captain offers players a very different game experience.

Players seek to explore and control locations in the galaxy to gain the resources, artifacts, and technology to prevail against more difficult encounters later in the game. As players explore the galaxy and time passes, encoEE-3D-Cover-Tempunters become more rewarding, but the penalty for failure rises. Players determine the game’s length by how quickly they move through the galaxy–and how well they manage the damage that their travels, as well as other captains, inflict on them.

The galaxy offers a variety of encounters in which players can control locations by employing six different skills, such as science, diplomacy, or tactics. The best skills to use depend on an individual’s play style and the captain’s strengths. Players can brave open space, random encounters that increase in difficulty as the game progresses. They can also explore discoveries and uncover many stories as ancient and intriguing as the galaxy itself. How well players explore and control the galaxy is reflected in their victory points.

Made up of modular tiles, the galaxy and many of the elements within is different each and every time you play Emergence Event, providing great replayability and unique challenges with every game.




Emergence Event Setup


Emergence Event Gameplay Part 1


Emergence Event Gameplay Part 2


Happy Holidays from MegaCon Games!

December 20, 2016 Leave your thoughts

It is the end of another great year and everyone at MegaCon Games wishes all of our fans only the best. For this quarter’s patch we are releasing The Stone of Life free module for Myth, Go Dive rules for Dumpster Diver, and solo rules for Emergence Event. Download the fourth quarter… Continue Reading

MERCS, Emergence Event, and more!

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BACK IN STOCK We’ve replenished our stock of all the MERCS single models, including plenty of USCR. Swing over and pick up any stragglers to flesh out your MegaCon. http://store.megacongames.com/collections/frontpage/products/mercs-tabletop-singles EMERGENCE EVENT KICKSTARTER The Emergence Event Kickstarter is up and has unlocked quite a few stretch goals at this point. If… Continue Reading

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