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MERCS-Tabletop-BookMERCS is a skirmish game of miniature combat taking place in the future. Games consist of two squads of 5, which have all special equipment and skills. The miniatures act simultanously, using a system of initiative and reaction to determine the exact order of turns.

MERCS uses unique cards as both reference and a means to measure. This streamlined approach means games are faster, with less rule-lawyering, providing a dynamic feel with combat that ebbs and flows. It also means that a game of MERCS is flexible; it can be played just about anywhere with any number of people. All that is needed is 1 fi g, 1 card, and 1d10.

MERCS tabletop is a fast-moving, high energy miniatures game. It is designed with idea that the game should work in a realistic manner. MERCS isn’t typical. It is not a game players can sit back and shoot each other from across the table. Victory has more to do with the decisions a player makes, then the MegaCon he plays.


In MERCS, players must learn to think tactically, overcome and adapt on the fly, and move. Combat begins and ends with movement. Everyone can shoot; survivors know when to shoot and when to grab cover.

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Conflict Revealed!

April 7, 2014 Leave your thoughts

The Conflict videos are up. The first is an instructional, while the second is a game (with reminder instructions) between Kenny and I (Brian). I think the big difference between Conflict and other dice games is the investment into your dice. You don’t just roll, spend, then move onto the… Continue Reading

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