MERCS: Recon is part of the MERCS series.


MERCS: Recon is a fully cooperative, stand-alone game set in the exciting MERCS world. A game of MERCS: Recon can be played in an hour. It moves quickly and is very exciting. Players infiltrate an opposing MegaCon location, fight through crowded hallways, capture and interrogate employees, find important locations, and secure the mission objectives.

The office where the game takes place is created using double-sided modular boards. The modular nature of the game board lends itself to dozens of different floor-plans providing a new experience every time. The tight corridors of the office deliver incredible tension. By the time the MERCS get to the end of a mission there is still a lot at stake and the results are very much up in the air.

Recon is fully cooperative. No one is forced to play the enemy. The game is designed around simple choices. From the innovative agent movement to the appearance of the oppositional force (OPFOR), players are left wondering what to expect next. The AI is aggressive and MERCS must work as a tight cohesive unit in order to accomplish the objectives. Yet the players can’t turtle and creep, because with each passing moment the office becomes more and more dangerous.

MERCS: Recon offers an exciting, tension-filled game in tight corridors with cool new mechanics and dynamic miniatures. It is easy to setup and highly replayable. From the player’s first steps into the office to the taut finale, each game offers something new and unexpected.


MERCS: Recon Gameplay Part 1 & 2

MERCS: Recon Assembly Videos



MERCS: Recon Add-Ons Rules - 4 MB

Last Updated 08-09-2016 This PDF document details any special rules for the following elements:
  • Any Breach & Clear Tile
  • Location Enhancement Cards
  • Drones
  • Kit Campaign Supplemental Weapons
  • Collateral Damage Discs (CDDs)
  • Unique Characters
  • Any Mission Pack

MERCS Recon Q2 Patch - 17 MB

Last Updated 09-22-2016 This patch contains the following files: MERCS: Recon Sniper Rules MERCS: Recon Narrative Mission MERCS: Recon and Myth card updates and additions Legal release for printing the files at a local print shop

MERCS: Recon Expansions Assembly - 4 MB

Last Updated 07-28-2016
This PDF identifies the parts needed to assemble each of your MERCS models for all Recon Mission packs and the Sniper pack.

Recon Player Boards - 60 MB

Last Updated 01-25-2017 This PDF contains all the MERCS: Recon player boards for all 12 Megacons. 9 members per faction.

MERCS Recon Q1 Patch - 232 kB

Last Updated 03-31-2016 This PDF contains rules for an alternate play mode designed to increase the difficulty of existing MERCS: Recon missions.

MERCS: Recon Assassination Protocol Assembly - 1 MB

Last Updated 01-21-2016 This PDF identifies the parts needed to assemble each of your MERCS and SecFor models in Assassination Protocol.

MERCS: Recon Counter Threat Assembly - 1 MB

Last Updated 01-21-2016 This PDF identifies the parts needed to assemble each of your MERCS and SecFor models in Counter Threat.

MERCS: Recon Building Configuration Ideas - 3 MB

Last Updated 01-19-2016 Here are 4 building configurations you can try for MERCS: Recon Counter Threat and Assassination Protocol.

MERCS: Recon Double Building Configuration - 2 MB

Last Updated 01-19-2016 Here's a sample of a large building combining tiles from both Counter Threat and Assassination Protocol!

MERCS: Recon FAQ (Updated) - 2 MB

Last Updated 03-04-2016 This PDF answers questions and contains errata for MERCS: Recon Counter Threat and Assassination Protocol (This document is current as of 3.4.16)

MERCS: Recon Game Rules (Updated 04.04) - 9 MB

Last Updated 04-04-2016 This PDF contains updates and minor corrections to the MERCS: Recon rulebook found in the Assassination Protocol and Counter Threat boxes.


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