Myth-Box-ArtMyth is a fully co-operative fantasy game. Players take on the role of one of 5 different heroes working together to defeat the Darkness. Each hero has a different skill set which represented by a unique deck of cards. Players’ avatars within a Story are called Heroes. Myth Heroes are clothed in immense power, able to reave all but the mightiest foes.

Heroes are controlled through an intuitive Hero Deck. Each deck plays uniquely and allows players more freedom of action and the ability to truly impact the Story each and every Act. Yet, cooperation is the key to victory and bloody fortune. Players must communicate, interact, and assist each other or surely the Darkness will cover all.

No player controlling the Darkness. The Darkness is governed by a set of rules unique to each Boss Deck and is activated through Hero actions. If the Heroes get overzealous, then the Darkness pushes back by activating Lairs, spawning Captains, and punishing the Heroes with devious Events. If the Heroes take a more subtle approach, then the Darkness reacts by reducing the potential for treasure and rewards. Without the treasures and equipment to upgrade, the Heroes will find each Act more difficult and eventually fail. The dynamic nature of the Darkness really lends a more fluid feel to the Story. Players aren’t being driven by properties out of their control, nor are they being shepherded by a person whose skill has a direct impact on the enjoyment of the game.

Myth is a fun fantasy romp where players feel truly heroic. In the playing of the game, the players are creating their own mythos. These stories are the ones carried away from the table, becoming myths themselves. And these are the myths, with friends and family, that we carry with us; telling and retelling our endeavors at the mead benches, earning treasured smiles and laughter.


Myth Setup Video


Myth Realm Tile Video


Myth Gameplay Video Part 1


Myth Gameplay Video Part 2


Myth Gameplay Video Part 3


Myth Gameplay Video Part 4: Boss Fight




Rise of the Revenant Module - 13 MB

Last Updated 12-29-2015 Now includes Undead cards! This .zip file contains the module PDF for Acts I-III, as well as all cards necessary, to play Rise of the Revenant. This module has been updated to reflect all 2.0 content changes. Last update (1:42pm 12.29.15)
Expansion Thumb

2.0 Expansion Hero Content - 22 MB

Last Updated 07-01-2015 This .zip file contains 2.0 content for the Spriggan, Skald, and Trickster Package Includes: Hero cards Hero spreads Torchbearer card Last Update: 07.01.15
Downloads Thumbnails3

Myth 2.0 Content - 49 MB

Last Updated 11-12-2015 This .zip file contains the revised Myth 2.0 cards and rules. Package Contents: Rulebook Hero cards Item cards Monster, ally, and ally ability cards Quests cards Traps cards Last Update: 07.01.2015  
Downloads Thumbnails

Fury of the Fireborne 1.0 - 8 MB

Last Updated 06-30-2015 This .zip file contains Act 1, 2, and 3 of the Fireborne Story Quest.

Myth 1.0 Quest Chains - 652 kB

Last Updated 06-30-2015 This PDF details how Myth quests from the base game and deck expansions chain together.

Myth 1.0 Rulebook Spanish - 28 MB

Last Updated 06-30-2015 This is the Spanish translation of the original Myth rules found in the core game box.

Myth 1.0 Rulebook French - 34 MB

Last Updated 06-30-2015 This is the French translation of the original Myth rules found in the core game box.

Myth 1.0 Rulebook German - 34 MB

Last Updated 06-30-2015 This is the German translation of the original Myth rules found in the core game box.

Myth Overview and Walkthrough - 10 MB

Last Updated 04-09-2014

Myth Official 1.0 FAQ - 675 kB

Last Updated 06-30-2015

Myth Hero Tracking Sheet (4 Color) - 2 MB

Last Updated 03-13-2014

Myth Hero Tracking Sheet (1 Color) - 275 kB

Last Updated 03-13-2014

1.0 Hero Deck Reference - 8 MB

Last Updated 06-30-2015 This is a reference document that further explains how Myth 1.0 hero cards function in the game.

Myth Starting Quest - 699 kB

Last Updated 03-12-2014 This is a great starting quest for those diving into Myth for the first time.


Rise of the Revenant ACT I-III

December 29, 2015 Leave your thoughts

Rise of the Revenant Module is now available on our downloads page in one download. This is the complete story (Acts 1-3) and includes all the cards files needed to play through this story quest. In addition, we have included the Shambler and Soulless 2.0 monster cards so players have the… Continue Reading

Warbands Kickstarter Final 3 hours!

December 4, 2015 Leave your thoughts

Thanks to everyone who is helping to support The Banner Saga: Warbands Kickstarter! We’re in the final hours now and we’ve unlocked some great stuff. If you haven’t checked it out we encourage you to take a look! We’ve unlocked most of the stretch goals in the game that replace… Continue Reading

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